New Mexico Council

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New Mexico Sisters of the Sacred Spiral is happy to announce our 21st Council of Women to be held June 23, 24, and 25, 2023

Join us at Story Ranch in Las Vegas, NM

Registration is now OPEN! (Use PDF or Word Doc)



“Be in Grace”

Reconnect with us in ceremony and sacred play!
We invite you to join us at the Chama River as we make
our offering to our Mother Earth.

June 24 – 26, 2022

For more info and to register, please see 2022 registration form.



Dear Sisters on the Path,

I trust this message finds us all happy and healthy and safely navigating the Covid Pandemic.

After weighing all of our options and after much research, soul searching and deliberation the staff of your New Mexico Council of Women is in alignment that this summer, we will be limiting our gathering to the staff and our daughters.

This will allow us to be in compliance with New Mexico’s Covid policy for outdoor gatherings as of this date along with other up to date, relevant, preventative protocol.  And, of course everything is subject to change.

We feel this is the best way we can keep our circle safe and strong and continue to serve the Earth.

It is our prayer that we will have a successful and stress-free gathering along the banks of the Rio Chama.  If all goes well, we may look at the possibility of a sequel gathering and will open up a bit more.  Either way, we will keep you posted as we proceed.

In love and light,




My vision is to create a welcoming and safe place where living in harmony with the earth is the vessel which holds ceremony, ritual, and teachings.  These are the tools we offer to live our lives in a sacred way. I believe that bringing the teachings from all over the world are important to create one world consciousness. I think it is important for all women to experience what it is like to live each day as sacred and to remember that we do have a voice and an impact on our communities. Perhaps the greatest gift we can offer is to create and offer space where our maidens, sorceresses, goddesses, mothers, warrior women, and crones can be honored and allowed to share their stories and be heard without judgement.  

With the pure intention of honoring this vision, I will be stepping back from New Mexico Council for the 2020 season so that our council may find a home that will support us and our vision.  I am looking forward to 2021 where we may once again come together and offer our gift of love and respect to the Earth Mother.



What an amazingly wonderful Council in the Jemez Mountains of New Mexico! Sweet memories were made and hearts are overflowing. Please enjoy the photos below. ♥



“I would like to give some feedback as one of the newbies: The energy of the retreat felt welcoming and inclusive. Though it was obvious that a lot happened in the years before I arrived, I still felt welcomed and cared about. The love for the lineage of women was palpable…I feel blessed to have been invited and feel like I’ve found my tribe. I love that the children were included…all the ceremonies were really special as were the women who facilitated them. A ten star retreat! 

Blessings and gratitude, HRW”