About Us

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May 2020 – After much soul searching and deliberation, Sisters of the Sacred Spiral is taking this opportunity to announce that our season of 2020 women’s gatherings has been canceled.

During this time of virus and social distancing we are taking a stand to keep each other safe and protected, and agree to give Mother Earth this enormous gift of rest and recuperation.

The core and foundation of our gatherings is the intimacy – the hugging, crying, laughing, and of course the ceremony.   We are not willing to take any chances with this worthy opponent, Covid-19 by putting any of us at risk.

We are aware that there are other possibilities and options to connect and we are working diligently to come up with a way to be able to keep our fires burning.  We will keep you posted.

For now, please know that you are in our hearts.  Keep walking gently on the earth and be safe and stay connected. 


In honoring the feminine, our vision is to create a time for transformation and a space for fun, healing, and rejoicing in our womanhood through Earth-honoring traditions, ceremonies and teachings. We are a multi-generational circle of women dedicated to walking gently on the earth and providing a safe, supportive, and sacred environment for growth.

Sisters, it is with a joyful heart that you are invited to answer the call to join us in a beautiful circle of women. It is time for us to gather and reconnect, meet new sisters, share our stories, and create new memories.

We offer ceremonies, rituals, teachings, drumming and singing, a craft bazaar, and often, the gift of Inipi.


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